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Lovely Weather Leads to Classic Car Season

As the seasons begin to change and the sun starts to melt the snow, expect an increase of Classic, Vintage, and Antique cars on the road! It's almost time folks! The best seasons of the year, for Classic, Vintage, and Antique cars at least, Spring and Summer, are right around the corner and that means that Brook Shore Classic Rentals' cars will be out and about for people to see and enjoy!

For those reading, possibly wondering "Well where might I be able to see Classic Cars and what events will you be at?" Don't fret! We aim to be at local car cruises throughout the towns of Fishkill, Hopewell, Beacon, Poughquag, Poughkeepsie, La Grangeville, and many others locations until the end of the Classic Car season.

We'll keep you updated with dates, times, and locations of events, and if there are any cancellations! Well, hopefully there won't be any cancellations... Anyways, see you out and about!

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