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The Difference Between Classic, Vintage, and Antique Cars

If you've read any other blogs posted on this site, you might be asking yourself "What's the difference between Classic, Vintage, and Antique Cars?" Well, that's what this blog is here to clarify! Classic, Vintage, and Antique are the words used to describe certain eras of cars. While Classic suffices to describe all cars produced between the 1900's to the 1990's, these words are pretty crucial to not only understand the history of the car, but all the era in which said car was manufactured.

Classics Cars, What Years and Why

Now it's common belief that any car produced circa. 1980's or earlier are classic cars, and while this is, in a way, true, it's not always the case. Now to clarify, cars from the 1990's to about the 70's are considered classics. The reason cars from these years are considered classics are because these cars, while old have parts in them that are widely common across multiple regions and are most, if not all of the time, 100% original.

Vintage, a Fancy Word, but Why?

The era of Vintage cars primarily run with cars that were manufactured from the late 30's to about the mid 1970's. These are classified as vintage because of the rarity some makes and models these cars are and what kind of vintage these cars are. Some Vintage cars, and Antique cars as well, are called "Survivors" because most of the time you either find a Vintage that has been restored, partially restored, or completely rebuilt. While they're locatable, can rarely find a Vintage that is all original and in prime working condition. Personally, Vintage cars are the best era because they all seem fluid and unique with their designs and even if two different makes of classics look the same, they have enough difference to be separated to someone who has a trained eye.

Antique Cars, The Classy Grandfathers of Today's Cars

Antique Cars are the vehicles that paved the way for many, if not all cars today and while they may be old and slow, they're the cat's pajamas! Now Antique cars were manufactured from the 1

910's to around the early 30's. these vehicles are the ones you think of as ancient, some with their crank handles, others with a key, each Antique car has it's own feature, but since mechanical technology was just starting to take off, those differences aren't major against one another. These cars are seen in old movies and while I can't think of any specifically, the L.A. Noire movies are the best examples.

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