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Welcome to Brook Shore Classics!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Hey there! I'm Michael, the owner of Brook Shore Classics! Have you ever wanted a classic car for a special event? Even just if it's in the background? I'm sure you've at least thought about it. Well, I'm sure that with all the research you've done to look for the right car has been in vain. Classic, Vintage, or Antique cars, day by day, are harder to come by as they're either modified to the point where they're unrecognizable, they've been stashed away in a garage most likely never to see the light of day again, or they've been left to rust. This makes it hard to find a car that not only suits the events you want it for, but can also hurt your wallet, and trust me, I know what it feels like to see a car you want but can't afford.

Let me tell you that none of the reasons I created Brook Shore Classic are as important as seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they see there dream car, or any classic, vintage, or antique car drive past or park next to them. Brook Shore was created off the idea that not only can something old make something new, but these new things can be etched into an experience that can not only leave a joyful and loving memory, but also a story that can last a lifetime.

Why I created Brook Shore Classics

While there are multiple reasons I created Brook Shore Classics, I'll reiterate the reason I stated in the last paragraph. To put it simply: I want to see people smile! There's nothing like seeing a person excited to see the car their family had as a kid, or a car their grandparents had, or even the one they bought with their own money that was their first car. I've always loved the

stories that people have told me about the cars they had growing up or even the classics, vintages, or antiques they own today. There's something about classic cars that can make anyone feel younger and the smiles these cars bring to their faces is priceless, especially now, when all you hear about are bad things that are happening around the world.

I sincerely hope you've enjoyed this talk as much as I have, and keep an eye out for the next blog!

Thank you,


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